David Shrigley - The Joy of Bananas

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David Shrigley - The Joy of Bananas


The Joy of Bananas," created by David Shrigley in 2002, is an art piece that encapsulates the artist's signature blend of humor and profound simplicity. Shrigley, known for his distinctive and often quirky style, crafted this piece as an ode to the seemingly mundane yet ubiquitous fruit: the banana.

In "The Joy of Bananas," Shrigley employs his characteristic crude drawings and witty text to present a playful exploration of the banana's role in our lives. Through his whimsical yet thought-provoking approach, Shrigley prompts viewers to reconsider the ordinary, inviting them into a world where the banana becomes a focal point of contemplation and amusement.

The artwork captures the essence of Shrigley's ability to infuse everyday objects with unexpected significance. With his minimalist yet impactful style, he elevates the banana beyond its utilitarian purpose, inviting audiences to ponder the absurdity and delight found in the simplest of things.

This piece not only showcases Shrigley's talent for creating engaging and accessible art but also embodies his knack for eliciting both laughter and contemplation simultaneously. "The Joy of Bananas" stands as a testament to Shrigley's unique artistic vision, where humour intertwines with deeper reflections on the human experience, offering a refreshing perspective on the ordinary aspects of life.


Medium: Acrylic on paper


Size: 75 x 56 cm


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